Don’t be sad mom… by Tarek Whebi

Tarek travaille à l’UNHCR et s’occupe de l’accueil des familles de réfugiés syriens au Liban. Il sait faire passer l’essentiel, l’universel: les sentiments humains.

-The T times-

Anyone who has ever worked with refugees and heard their stories has at least one sentence, that will be engraved in his or her heart and soul until the last day they live.

One of my sentences is “Don’t be sad mom”

“Mom” in this case is Fatima.

Fatima like thousands of refugees who fled Syria to Lebanon, had a registration interview a few months ago at the UNHCR Tripoli registration center in Northern Lebanon. Everyday a few hundred individuals await their turn in a restless waiting area. Each family or individual is designated a number and registration assistants like myself call up the cases by number in order to interview the families or individuals, assess their cases and refer them to the right type of help and support they might need.
I always like to pay attention at the way the numbers turn into people’s faces after they get called. You…

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