Libanais qui soutenez le F Haine, il vous faudra choisir: soit la nationalité libanaise, soit la française. MLP n’a pas la générosité du pluriculturel: avec elle c’est noir ou blanc, « nous » vs « vous », la France vs l’Europe, le franc vs l’euro… etc.

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Rejoice, all of Lebanon’s right-wing! The head of the French « Front National » Marine Le Pen is coming over for a visit on February 19th and 20th, with scheduled meetings with President Aoun as well as Prime Minister Hariri, as reported by L’Orient Le Jour.

The purpose of the visit is to « show solidarity with Christians of the Middle East. » Because it’s common sense to do so in the best country for Christians in the Middle East, where the president is a « Michel, » not where, you know, Christians are actually dying because of war, but I digress.

Marine Le Pen’s visit comes around two weeks after Emmanuel Macron (bless him! <3) also visited the country. Both come in the same context of being more exposed to Middle Eastern politics in formulating more credible policies (that please their supporters, of course) before the French presidential elections become heated in the coming months with…

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