Sabra and Shatila 33 Years Later—A Personal Account

Mrs Ellen, I love your humanity, your tenderness. You are a wonderful person. Respect.


The following personal account appeared in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (November/December 2015). I’m reposting here with the permisison of its author, Ellen Siegel.

To add my own personal note, the Sabra-Shatila massacre—which occurred when I was in my final year as an undergraduate student at the University of Victoria—was the formative event that led me to study Palestinian politics at graduate school and write my PhD thesis on the PLO in Lebanon.


Sabra and Shatila 33 Years Later—A Personal Account

By Ellen Siegel

siegel The author (r) with Bahaa Tayyar, BAS director and senior social worker at the Ein el-Helweh Camp Center. (PHOTO BY SIRKKU KVISTO)

This past September marked the 33rd anniversary of the massacre at the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Beirut.

On June 6, 1982, Israel invaded Lebanon and surrounded its capital, Beirut. One aim was to end the control of Beirut by the…

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